My mom has a ruptured disk and chronic back andd neck pain, does laser pain therapy work to help pain?

Treat back pain. Laser therapy can help, but it is often best to use to take a step wise approach to treating ruptured discs. First, try conservative treatments like Ibuprofen and back/neck stretching. If that does not help, often an epidural steroid injection will relieve the discomfort. There are other minimally invasive options. Most important, if your mom smokes, she should stop. Smoking makes pain worse.
No. There is no good evidence that "laser pain therapy" provides any greater relief than a placebo.

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Does laser pain therapy work for a ruptured disk and chronic back and neck pain?

Doubt it. I have my doubts with laser type treatments. I would recommend conservative treatment and a formal work up by a spinal specialist. Read more...
Watch for gimmicks. Lasers are sometimes used in certain minimally invasive spine surgeries for herniated discs that have failed to respond to nonop care. Read more...