I had spinal fusion 7 years ago and now I suffer from chronic lower back pain - is this normal?

Not Typically. If you are having severe chronic low back pain it is worth investigating to try and determine the cause. There may be some correctable problem. Alternatively, you may be a candidate for an implanted spinal cord stimulator. This might provide excellent pain relief.
Yes. Unfortunately, its not uncommon to see low back pain recur after back surgery. I recommend you follow up with your surgeon.
Sometimes. When having a spinal fusion, you are typicalky taking a bad situation and making it better, not necessarily restoring the back to normal. Ongoing changes that may be affected by someone wirh a prior fusion can lead to back pain later on in a small percentage of fusion patients.

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Is it normal to suffer from chronic lower back pain after having a spinal fusion 7 years ago?

Yes. New problems can develop or you can develop problems over time simple from the body's response to the fusion over time (bone spurs, scar tissue, stenosis, etc). Get it checked out. Probably will need fresh mri. For patients who have had surgery would recommend high field with contrast. Read more...

I have persistent and chronic lower back pain and have had X-rays done. Would an MRI help find spinal issues?

Yes and no. There is no doubt that an MRI is much more sensative in determining the cause of back pain than a plain X-ray alone; predominantly because an MRI shows soft tissues such as discs, nerves, and muscles while an X-ray does not. But because an MRI is extremely sensative, one needs to be careful in that there are a log of "abnormal" findings on an MRI that might be a symptomatic. Read more...

Sharp lower back pain for 3 weeks now only in certain positions for few sec and very mild body tingling but tht might be after I read abot spinal cancer?

Probably not. Please see your doctor, even though a spinal tumor is quite unlikely, unless you already have a previous cancer. It might be as simple as a pulled muscle or a ruptured disc. Read more...