What can cause sudden lower back pain?

Strain. The most common cause of sudden low back pain is a strain. This is usually of the muscles and the ligaments. Certainly other tissues can cause sudden low back pain such as a disc tear or disc herniation. The good news is that most acute low back pain goes away within a few days with rest, ice and over the counter anti-inflammatory medications.
Many things. Lower back pain is very multi-factorial. It can be caused by muscle spasms, muscle/ligament tears, disc disease (bulging or herniation), and facet (joint) inflammation. The cause of these problems can include weight gain, trauma (induced by accident, lifting, too much exercise, etc), or poor core strength. As your doctor more about your specific case.

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What causes sudden lower back pain? Feels like my back is about to break in half. Dull pain almost unbearable.

Low Back Pain. Most people with sometime in their life have sudden debilitating back pain. This can be from muscle strain, disc herniation, or even be unexplained. These symptoms usually improve over time with rest, plenty of water, and occasional NSAID pain medications. If you are gradually improving with rest, you will probably get better on your own. If you do not improving you may want to see your doctor.

What cause lower back pain?

Many reasons. Local infection, muscular strain/ sprain, ruptured disc, facet impingement, spondylolisthesis, sacro-iliac dysfnctn, lumbar stenosis, cauda equina syndrome, pyriformis syndrome. See doctor and evaluate all of these possibilities.
Many causes. So need to see doctor to determine the cause.
Many Causes. Could be the muscles, ligaments, disc herniation, could be early onset arthritis (in young males you can have Ankylosing Spondylitis or Schuermann's Disease). Lots of possibilities, if it does not resolve with basic exercise and stretching see a spine specialist to work this up further.
Several options. Back pain is usually related to arthritic changes to the spine. Sometime back pain can be related to infections, cancer, fractures, or even other organs such as the kidney, bladder, etc. If your pain lasts greater than 2 weeks I would see your physician.

What causes lower back pain?

Several things. This is a problem that requires a face-to-face meeting with your doctor. In that meeting, your doctor will listen to you, perform a throrough examination and possibly order labs or other tests. Based on this information, he/she will be able to tell you what's wrong and what to do about it.

What might cause lower back pain?

Many possibilities. There are many potential causes for low back pain. Common are: disk changes, smoking, sprains of ligaments, muscular strains and spasms, vitamin deficiencies, joint inflammation, altered walking or sitting patterns, lack of sleep, poor circulation in the spinal blood vessels, tumors, aortic aneurysms, trauma, and spinal deformities.

What can cause severe lower back pain?

Back pain. Back pain is usually caused by a problem with the disc that serves as the cushion between vertebra. The discs can herniate where a piece from the center comes out or the disc can tear (annular tear) which commonly causes severe back pain. There are other less common causes such as trauma/fracture, infection, facet (spine joints) arthritis, cancer, etc.