Using cosopt eye drop for glaucoma and have a sulfa allergy. What are some alternatives?

Sulfa, cosopt. Depending on what your target range of pressure is, you could try timolol, alphagan, xalatan, (latanoprost) lumigan, travatan, xioptan, or combigan. Pilocarpine is also available but not nearly as convenient to use. Then there is laser treatment too. Incisional surgery for glaucoma would be for people whose eye pressure is suboptimally controlled despite maximal tolerated medical &/or laser treatment.

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Is it safe to use cosopt eye drops for glaucoma if I have a sulfa allergy?

See below. Cosopt is two eye drop medications in one. One of the two is a sulfa drug. If you have a true allergy to sulfa it may not be a good choice. You must consult your eye care professional first however before making any treatment decisions on your own. Read more...