I have atypical lung nodule dr is attributing to sarcoidosis as have been dx'd by bx of parotid tumor. Pet said suv of 10.9 should this be of concern?

Further w/u. . How big is the lung nodule? Are you a smoker? With suv of 10.9- i think, a biopsy should be done- if possible - ( if the size and location allow tissue biopsy to be done).It could be a sarcoidois, but just because you have sarcoidosis-does not mean that this nodule is automatically one. Depending on your risk- other condition including- primary lung malignancy- has to be considered and ruled out.
Depends. Depends upon the pattern on the pet scan. The pet scan will show increased pulmonary uptake in the case of lung sarcoid. Sometimes the best thing to do is repeat the ct or possibly pet/ct in a short time to see if the nodule has changed at all.