What alternative therapies may help relieve arthritis pain?

Acupuncture/herbs. One alternative therapy is found in traditional chinese medicine. This would consist of acupuncture therapy and the use of chinese medical herbs. If you choose this route make sure you do your research to make certain the practitioner is certified and licensed in your area. In the us this varies from state to state. Some states allow doctors of oriental medicine (dom) to practice.
Many good options. A very wide variety of alternative therapies can relieve arthritis pain, including diet (for example avoiding nightshade family foods may help), natural anti-inflammatories like fish oil, boswellia & curcumin, acupuncture, homeopathy, relaxation techniques, yoga, massage therapy, appropriate exercises, therapeutic magnets etc. More info at http://arthritistrust.Org/menu_list/articlesimportant.Html.
Acupuncture. I agree with dr. Baker and dr. Kale. I wanted to focus on acupuncture. Although it will not cure the underlying arthritis - it can be very effective in v'ing inflammation & pain & ^'ing circulation of blood, lymph, qi & nerve conduction. It does not have the side effects of many medications that are used to treat arthritis. Take care.