My endo prescribed propranolol la 80mg to help with hyper thyroid tachycardia. Took 1 dose last night, didn't sleep and have cold clammy skin. Normal?

Yes. The symptoms you described could still be from hyperthyroidism. As long as your blood pressure didn't dropped, you are ok. Talk to your doctor, you might need the adjust the dose. As long as the hyperthyroidism is also currently treated, you should feel better in time.
No it is not normal. Without knowing other meds or medical problems, cold clammy skin could represent too slow a heart beat (less than 60) or a low blood sugar. Because you took a long acting form of Propranolol these symptoms could last longer. Contact your doctor and hold taking further medication until reevaluated. Eat regular meals, avoid driving and rapid changes in position until seen again.