Is there an alternative to surgery for severe hip arthritis?

Not many. Occasionally i will see someone who has severe hip arthritis and either does not want or cannot have hip replacement due to age, illness, heart problems etc. In this situation, a cortisone injection in the hip can help for about 2-3 months at a time. It is not the best option but if there is nothing else it can help. Alsowalking with a cane in the opposite hand can alleviate the pressureon the hip.
Yes. Doctors use exercise, medications and sometimes injections for hip arthritis. When these methods fail to control pain, we consider hip replacement.

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Are there any alternatives to surgery for severe hip arthritis?

Yes. Alternatives include losing excess weight (for every 1 lb. Of extra weight your hip absorbs 4 lbs. With each step), anti-inflammatory drugs, intra-articular steroid injection under fluoroscopic imaging, proximal femur osteotomy, and hip resurfacing. Hip replacement is a commonly done operation that is very effective for the relief of pain from osteoarthritis. Read more...
Yes. There are options such as medications, physical therapy and shots, but usually they don't provide enough relief to avoid surgery. Read more...