What natural remedies are there to speed rehabilitation of my rotator cuffs?

Adaptogenic Herbs. There are many different brands and qualities of these. My favorite comes from amazon herb company with a combination of oral and topical product called recovazon. This is a proprietary formulation containing cats claw, samambaia, aquilaria, manaca, bitter orange and others. This company has saved hundreds of thousands of acres of rain forest with its green mission. www.docspowerherbs.com.
"elbow grease" "elbow grease" and "stick-to-it-ness" a gentle and consistent exercise program is what I'd recommend: https://www.princeton.edu/uhs/pdfs/Shoulder-Rehab-ver2.pdf.
Rotator. St. John's wort, devil's claw, white willow , comfey or lavender. Some are applied on the skin others infused as a tea or concoction or as an extraction . Seek counsel with a trained herbalist.