Pregnant with severe sore throat, body aches badly, lack of energy, headaches, night time sweats and chills, tight chest and lack of appetite?

Pregnant. You more than likely are coming down with a "bug" . What you are having is quite typical of a viral infection with viremia.
Sore throat. You are pregnant with symptoms likely a viral or bacterial infection. Better you see a doctor right away, you may need antibiotics if it a strep throat etc.

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Nasal congestion, coughing, sore throat, headache & a tight chest for about a week now. And today got an earache that wont go away. What could this be?

Ear ache. Many things cause you to feel pain in the ear that is not caused by a problem in the ear. This is called referred pain. A sore throat/tonsillitis is one of those things that refers pain to the ear and might be the cause in your case. But always safest to have someone look. Read more...