How long does it take for a wrist fracture to heal?

8 weeks. In general, wrist fractures take about 6-8 weeks to heal. Most patients are allowed to resume full unrestricted activity after 3 months. However, not all wrist fractures are the same. More severe ones will take longer to heal, and patients with other medical conditions or who have poor bone density, may take longer as well.
6 weeks. Most fractures heal in about 6 weeks. Some may take longer based on your calcium and vitamin d levels, severity of the fracture, and motion at the fracture.

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What are the signs of broken wrist (colles fracture)?

Many. Swelling, bruising, pain, deformity. The only way to know for sure is an x-ray.
Abraham Colles. Described a fracture his treatise on surgical anatomy paper on the fracture of the carpal extremity of the radius in 1814 before x-rays. He used terminogy such as a silver fork deformity to describe the dorsal displacement. Many fractures of the distal radius are called colles fractures but that is a misnomer as radius fractures have myriad patterns but usually...... Swelling deformity pain.
Colles fracture. Usually implies a fracture of the distal radius, this can be a misnomer as fracture pattern differs greatly from person to person and colles didn't have x-rays. So much of the decision is dependent upon the x-ray. Signs include deformity, ecchymoses or bruising, swelling, guarding or exhibiting signs of pain.

What could cause broken wrist (colles fracture)?

A fall. The most common cause of a broken wrist is a fall onto your outstretched hand.
FOOSH. Stands for fall on outstretched hand. Thus is still the most common mechanism of injury. By the way while colles fracture is a common moniker for a wrist fracture and colles described the anatomical findings of a typical extra articular distal radius, using colles as a diagnosis lumps too many different well known fractures into one overly broad category, so medical persons should try to specifi.
Fall. The most common mechanism of injury for a colles fracture is fall onto an outstretched wrist. These fractures sometimes require operative treatment.

Had xray of my wrist doctor said it shows old fracture with callus formation, I had broken wrist bones 20 years ago could that be what seeing or newer?

New injury. Why the XRay? What did the Dr say?
Yes it could be old. When you see callus on an X-ray, you know that the injury is old enough for bone to have formed. Sometimes you can still see where the break was on a newer fracture. It takes about a year for it to look like solid bone. On an older fracture, you can usually no longer see the break. So, when you see callus, you know the fracture is old, but not exactly how old. It will always look callused.