What is the best way to get rid of hand joint pain and be more flexible?

Discuss w therapist. An occupational or physical therapist may be of assistance.
Hand therapy! The causes of hand joint pain are multifactorial. For aches and pains related to arthritis, hand therapy can be beneficial, usually with some combination of splinting and range of motion exercises. Don't overlook the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications to help with generalized hand pain.

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How to get rid of hand joint pain while finishing a paper?

Traditional fx. The typical recommendations are rest, ice, compression and elevation. If you must work! A splint and nsaids may hold you temporarily but you should see a physician if this persists.
Where in hand. Need to clarify where the pain is. One joint or location or more than one. Is there swelling? Is it both hands or the dominat hand? Is it when you write? Is it when you type? How do you make it better? One suggestion is to stretch before and intermittently. You can warm your hands before and afterwards ice, but we need a better definition of your pain. It could be mechanical/inflammed.
Writer's cramp. This also may be a form of dystonia. It would be important to determine what is the actual cause of your hand pain. Treatments would very based upon what is causing it.

What is the best medication for hand joint pain?

Nsaiids. I have found most nsaids to be helpful for these problems I would start with some advil (ibuprofen) or aleve you might require a prescription nsaid to get the best result with the least side effects.

What are the common causes of hand joint pain and stiffness?

Osteoarthritis. Most common cause is just plain old degenerative arthritis. But alos could be an inflammatory arthritis like rheumatoid. Occupational causes are also not unusual like tank truck drivers that have to open valves frequently.
Many. Can be anything from non specific inflammation to an autoimmune disorder. While joint pain usually isn't an emergency, being able to identify its source can help you determine whether your discomfort is a sign of something more serious. Most of the time symptoms will resolve spontaneously over time. Nsaids can help. Behavior modification is also recommended. See your doctor for more in info.

Is low right hand joint pain symptom of stress?

Low right hand joint. Pain? Not sure what is meant. Hand joint pain commonly is a symptom of arthritis, trauma, inflammation and infection. Arthritis whether it be osteoarthritis, inflammatory arthritis or gouty or pseudo gout in nature typically has pain swelling tightness as a common symptom.

Is it okay to have hand joint pain while drinking?

No. Finger pain while drinking? Unlikely to be related unless you are very cold sensitive; and that might be an issue with circulation... Hopefully, you are not smoking because that could be the cause of poor circulation.
Drinking wrist. This is not typical. Gout can be related to drinking (alcohol intake)but this more commonly effects the lower extremity joints and not necessarily the wrist.

What is the most recommended pain medication for hand joint pain?

Start with Tylenol (acetaminophen) Persistent pain should be checked out. Overuse of tylenol type medications (acetaminophen) can cause liver and kidney problems. The typical nsaid's like ibuprofen, Aleve (naproxen) and even occasional Aspirin can work, also. Bottom line is you need to find out what is causing the pain, so you need to see a doctor.
Not pain medication. We usually don't prescribe pain medication for joint pain. We often use anti-inflammatories. Which one of these you use is up to you and your doc. There is no one that is " the best ". It is which one works for you the best in reducing your symtoms.