What effect does orthodontia have on your face?

Usually positive. The relative growth and size of the jaws and position of the teeth are main factors in the lower third of the face. Orthodontic movement of these inside structures effect the outside appearance of the face, and this should be planned for and discussed by the orthodontist prior to starting treatment.
Dramatic. Orthodontists are specialists in growth and development supervision. Orthodontic treatment is more than just moving teeth. We shape faces. Orthodontists are trained to help provide pleasing and well balanced faces by guiding the way the parts come together. There are so many marvelous things we can do with your help.
Much. Orthodontia and dento-facial orthopedics can have far reaching effects on facial look and balance. If one moves a window, it's curtain will surely follow. Most all changes are positive. Very few are negative. And most treatment will not change the face unless that is the goal.
Variable. Depending on your particular problem, orthodontics can have little to dramatic affect on facial contours and profile. Have your orthodontist explain to you your particular situation and what changes you should expect.
Depends on treatment. Orthodontic treatment may or may not have an effect on facial profile or lip posture depending upon the nature of the treatment provided. There are instances where specific changes in soft tissue are part of the treatment plan. Your orthodontist can describe what effects should be expected in your particular case.
A lot. Depending on you upper and lower jaw shape, size, and postition, having orthodontic treatment can have a dramatic effect on your face. Discuss any concerns with your orthodontist prior to beginning treatment.