How does laser therapy help with dental problems?

So many ways... Laser can be effectively used for; periodontal disease (gum disease), herpetic lesions and ulcerations (cold sores), gingival augmentations (altering a gummy smile), frenulectomy (lip attachment), or more severe attachment such ankylosed tongue, (tongue tied), whitening teeth, removing cavities.
LANAP. If a patient has gum disease, then they might be a candidate for laser gum surgery, also known as lanap. This laser therapy has regenerative qualities to enhance bone regeneration and stabilize the disease process with quick healing and is a less invasive approach to treating the disease.
Many ways. Laser therapy makes fillings virtually painless, no injections. Laser root canal "pips" allows for better 3 dimensional cleaning of the root canals and bacteria reduction. Laser periodontal treatment reduces pain, bleeding and swelling compared to traditional "gum" surgeries. Cold laser for TMJ and facial pain helps reduce pain, swelling and speed healing. The absence of the typical drill noise.