I have a scaphoid fracture, but I am starting to get numbness in my thumb. What can I do?

Get your doc to eval. You should not have numbness as a result of a scaphoid fracture. Did you have surgery or is the splint/cast on too tight? Could be early carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of the swelling from the fracture.
Scaphoid fracture. Numbness may be the result of awkward positioning or a tight cast or splint. If present contact your doctor for instructions re: loosening the cast or splint. Sometimes people can develop carpal tunnel syndrome following an injury. Rarely direct nerve injury from several causes may be the culprit. Discuss your symptoms with your treating physician for proper evaluation and treatment.
See your doctor. Swelling from scaphoid fractures, combined with casting/splinting, can pinch nerves causing your symptoms. Sometimes it takes modification of the splint/cast and/or better elevation to take the pressure off the nerve.

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I've scaphoid fracture got numbness in my thumb been 3 weeks THR IS NO PAIN is only when I use my hand and I have a plaster but is numbness normal?

Numbness s/p fx. There should not be numbness. Call the doctor or go t oER today. A nerve may be compressed and that is not good.
Somewhat. It is possible that you have sustained some degree of carpal tunnel syndrome with your injury. It is also possibly related to one of the digital nerves that supply the thumb as well, even the splint or cast can cause it. It can resolve, I would just make sure your physician is aware.

I went to the doctor and they said it could be a possible scaphoid fracture they just can't see it on an x-ray, but the pain keeps increasing and now my thumb went numb what does that mean?

TOS. Person age/sex unknown had wrist trauma with residual pain and now "thumb numb", suggests occult navicular bone fracture, which generally only manifests on imaging studies 10 or so days after the original trauma. Consultation with an hand specialist is indicated; sooner than later. My comments below are inappropriate in that I initially thought that scapula was involved. Indeed, navicular bone is.

I fell and now the thumb side of my wrist hurts. Could it be a scaphoid fracture?

X ray to diagnose. Pain on the radial side of the wrist can be a sign of a scaphoid fracture. Often active patients suffer a "bad wrist sprain" ignore it and then show up years later with a painful wrist due to an scaphoid fracture which was not diagnosed. An x ray with a dedicated view of the scaphoid can help make the diagnosis, although within the first 2 weeks a of a fracture the x-rays can miss a fracture.

In thumb spica splint for suspected scaphoid fracture. Pain in entire thumb area while in splint normal?

Yes and no. If the thumb is swollen then the cast may become too tight, yes, if there is no swelling have the cast rechecked, it may need to be redone. In the meantime elevate your hand above your heart for 15-20 minutes to see if that reduces the pain/swelling and call your dr.
Yes. If a scaphoid fracture is suspected, then there is an injury (whether bone or ligamentous) in the region of the scaphoid and pain is the most common presenting sign. The splint should help immobilize the joint but the injury is still there and can be painful.

About 3/4 months ago I was taken to A&E with a suspected scaphoid fracture I was seen by 2 doctors and was put in a thumb spica (not a cast) for 10 days because they suspected the scaphoid was broken. I later had another appointment for an X-ray to decid

Possible Scaphoid Fx. I am sorry but your complete question was cut off. Suspected scaphoid fractures are typically placed in a thumb spica splint as the fracture is frequently not seen on original x-ray. The patient is then referred to orthopedics or set to return for repeat x-ray in approximately one week when the fracture is more likely to be seen. A CT can also be done for this purpose.
Varies. Scaphoid fractures are often difficult to fully assess with X-ray. Often a ct scan or MRI is used if someone has persistent pain and X-rays look ok. Sometimes rather than doing a lot of initial studies, we will treat a patient in a splint if they have an exam and X-rays could be consistent with a scaphoid fracture, but then dc their splint if their exam and X-ray normalize.

Question about diagnosis/misdiagnosis of scaphoid fracture. Several months ago a box fell on my hand near the base of my thumb, I was concerned that something may have been broken or fractured, but I had MRI which should bones were intact. How likely tha

This. This has nothing to do with training, experience or expertise. Some fractures just don't show up despite proper good standard assessment, but the percentages are small. The radiologist who read the study as negative also is trained to do so. To get an idea of the complexity of this question see the links below an MRI that is read as negative for scaphoid fracture rules out a fracture most of the time. There can be false negatives and false positives. A MRI will detect variations in the bones trabecular pattern (inside the bone) often associated with negative x-rays. If anything inexperience in reading MRI can lead to over diagnosing a fracture by mri. Other tests include a ct scan, which is better for cortical (outside) disruption and a bone scan which is less specific a contused or bruised joint near the base of the thumb especially if there is even a touch of mild arthritis can often take time to feel better a good way to assess persistent pain several months after injury is to be reevaluated and get new plain x-rays including scaphoid views and be assessed for things other than a scaphoid fracture that can still give wrist pain.
In. In addition to the previous answer-bone scan and us can also help in diagnosis scaphoid fractures, in acute situations.

Fell onto my hand yesterday, thumb slightly swollen, aches and is tender. Restricted movement. Cant hold anything heavy. Could it be scaphoid fracture?

Sure it could. Or other fx around the thumb or a tear of the ulnar collateral ligament of the thumb joint (mcpj) you need to go see a doctor.
Yes or a different. Injury such as a metacarpal or pjs legal or joint injury. It can also be a bruise or another type of wrist fracture. So if pain and swelling persist appropriate evaluation and x-rays are needed.

It's my 4th week of non-displaced scaphoid fracture cast, still having tenderness in my palm and thumb. Does it healing No surgery Cast is for 6 week?

Tenderness. First of all, is the tenderness you are experiencing less than when you first had the fracture or worse? If worse, you should follow up with the doctor who saw you in the beginning for a redo x-ray as soon as possible. Does your fingertips have sensation to them or are they painful? If the latter, definitely see that doctor ASAP for compartment syndrome.
Fracture. These fractures take some time to heal. 6 weeks in a cast usually is suffice but pain can persist for awhile after cast is off. Good luck to you. Hope this helps.
Scaphoid fractures. Can take longer than 6 weeks to heal. The cast, if that is the treatment used, can be discontinued only when there is certainty as to the healing. This can take 8 weeks or more and must be verified by new xrays but a times one needs to check healing with advancd studies such as CT scan. A partially healed scaphoid can lead to other problems, non union, pain re injury so patience is important.