I fell while I was ice skating. My wrist is achy and swollen. Could it be a scaphoid fracture?

Yes. If the wrist is swollen and bruised, i would be concerned for a wrist injury. Radiographs or x-rays would be beneficial to rule out a fracture.
Yes. Yes, it is very common to fall on an outstretched hand and sustain a scaphoid fracture. Xrays may not always show the fracture and MRI may be needed.

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I'm still in quiet sever pain in the radial side of my wrist and it's been a few months since my scaphoid fracture. Do you know what could be going on?

Scaphoid fractures. This commonly fractured bone in the wrist can sometimes be either slow to heal or non healing. This has to do with the fact that the blood supply is many times disrupted in the injury. Therefore this type of fracture requires evaluation and moinitering by an Orthopaedic surgeon until it heals. The fact u r having severe pain is of concern. Get an evaluation. Read more...

Proximal Pole Scaphoid Fracture in my left wrist. Previously had one a year back and was told it has healed. What do I do?

More tests. It would be important to know if your original fracture just never healed or if it is a new fracture as they would be treated differently. A C T scan would usually be able to differentiate between the two. Read more...