What are the causes of tingling in both hands?

Bilat hand tingling. There are several causes. For example, hyperventialation or chemical/electrolyte abnormalities may be to blame. However, one must also search for central nervous system or spinal cord etiologies.
Nerve injury. In general, numbness and tingling is the sequelae of a nerve injury or a nerve compression. The most common cause of numbness and tingling is carpal tunnel syndrome, which represents nerve compression at the wrists. However, nerve compression can also occur in the neck, shoulders, elbows, and forearms. It is often necessary to under an "electrodiagnostic evaluation" to elucidate this further.

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What causes tingling in both hands and both feet?

Neuropathy. Tingling in hands and feet in a 48 years old individual needs to be thorougly evaluated. Common conditions like diabetes & thyroid disorders can present this way. Please see your pcp who will do a complete history and physical exam as well as some blood work. Read more...
Parasthesias. There can be many causes including paresthesias, neuropathy, medication side effects, insect bite, to name a few. You would be prudent to visit with your podiatrist or gp. Read more...