Why do people get total knee replacement?

Total knee. The first reason is for pain relief. Other reasons are to increase mobility or to improve a deformity of the bone.
Total knee. Total knee replacement for pain relief and improved function, quality of life, range of motion, and stability. When conservative treatment fails, consider total knee replacement.
Knee replacement. Unrelenting pain due to arthritis of the knee that is greatly effecting your quality of life and your ability to function. Has not improved with conservative nonsurgical care.

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How to get nursing assistance for total knee replacement?

Doctor. Usually the orthopedic surgeon's office can help set this up. It is very common for people to need assistance or have nursing visits after knee replacement. Read more...
TKA nursing. Check with your orthopedic surgeon, who can make recommendations to various skilled, rehab, home health care, & outpatient services. Read more...