Can you treat hand tumor using homoeopathy?

No. There is absolutely no scientific evidence that homeopathy helps for any cancer, including a hand tumor. Beware of people charging you money for such concoctions. Caveat emptor...
Not successful. You could treat a hand tumor with homeopathic treatments, but it would not be successful. Why not use a combination of traditional and homeopathic medicines?
Not recommended. Although there may be nontraditional methods available to treat hand tumors, it is very important that you understand your diagnosis, treatment options and prognosis before choosing any method of treatment. Consult your medical doctor or oncologist for more detailed and specific information about your tumor.
Probably not. What type of tumor are we talking about? If you are referring to a cancerous lesion, many can be life or limb threatening. You should see a musculoskeletal oncologist or hand surgeon for the best advice.