Is the tummy tuck belt effective?

Belt lipectomy. A belt lipectomy is particularly effective for those people who have had a lost of weight loss due to the extra skin. It can lift the outer thighs and buttocks in addition to tightening the belly.
Only after t tuck! If you're talking about those elastic or rubber belts worn to "tighten" loose skin or "melt" fat without surgery, they work only for the seller and are worthless for their marketed purpose. Surgery is the only way to remove loose skin or to tighten stretched muscles and fascia. After plastic surgical abdominoplasty or lower body lift (belt lift) an elastic binder helps affix healing tissues.
Not likely. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! If the belt you see on TV actually produces any results, it's because the instructions have you doing standing ab crunches for a few minutes each day. Tummy Tuck surgery (abdominoplasty) actually repairs muscle and removes excess skin. A belt lipectomy (body lift) does that and also addresses thighs and buttocks.
No. Its a compression garment. It hides fat while you're wearing it. The minute you take it off everything is the same. It will not alter the appearance of your abdomen at all.
Depends. The “belt” you buy on from infomercials are probably worthless when it comes to effectiveness. On the other hand, "belt lipectomy” surgery treats excess skin and adipose tissue circumferentially and can be an excellent operation for the right patient (for example after significant weight loss).
The belt you wear? The cheapie belts you buy on late night television ads are worth less than you pay for them. :).
Yes. A belt lipectomy, lower body lift, or abdominoplasty are all options for treating loose skin around the lower abdomen, back and upper lateral thighs. Many patients who have massive weight loss, such as that after bariatric surgery, can benefit from these and other procedures.