What do I do if I have a shoulder/collar bone injury?

See an orthopedist. There are many different types and causes of shoulder and collar bone injuries. Your friendly neighborhood sports medicine orthopedic surgeon can completely evaluate your individual situation and lay out a treatment plan for you.

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I have pain in my shoulder, collar bone & arm, my under arm feels very sore?

Arm pain. That's unfortunately too vague and diffuse a collection of symptoms to comment on. While it may be related to overactivity, it would make sense to get checked out. Read more...

Yesterday I started to have shooting pains right in my shoulder collar bone area, when I take deep breaths. I'm still having them today. Is it cancer?

Wait to worry. Not every pain in your body is due to cancer. So you need to wait and see how this pain evolves over the coming several days. If it is getting worse, you need to go see a doctor for a check up. In the meantime, you can take a couple of tylenols (acetaminophen) if you are hurting persistently. Are you worried about anything else?. Sometimes the stress of your life can cause you to breath excessively which can lead. Read more...