Husband - germ cell testicular cancer! Tumor marker at800. Did 6cycles of chemo! Dr says we have to face the inevitable! Is there any other treatments?

Need more informatio. Testicular cancer is one of the cancer that is very responsive to therapy and is one of things that we can cure.So, unfortunately, it is hard to answer your question as a lot more information is needed to really see what is going on and then hopefully able to give you better and reliable answer. Provide us with more info or the best way is to d/w your oncologist in detail about your question.
Try these. I read about these herbal meds that fights off cancer: aloe arborescens(check online), freeze a lemon, grate it and then let him drink everything including the peel. Consider asking our maker for a miracle! it won't hurt.
Maybe. Many details are missing. Questions that need to be answered are: what marker is 800, where is the cancer currently located (lymph nodes, lungs, abdomen (retroperitoneum, brain)? What type of chemotherapy was given-6 cycles is unusual in testicular cancer. "salvage" treatments may be available depending on answers to the above questions.