Can ADHD type symptoms and anxiety symptoms be a side effect of albuterol and qvar inhalers for asthma?

Yes. Anxiety and attention deficits can be side effects of albuterol and frequent albuterol usage is a sign of uncontrolled asthma which can also give you the above symptoms. Get yourself checked!
These can mimic ADHD. Not an infrequent complaint. The big difference is that adhd persists long after the use of the inhalers stops, and should be evident before the inhalars.
Maybe. I do not know what adhd symptoms to which you are referring, but, inhalers for asthma have, as common side-effects-anxiety and jitteryness. In addition, having breathing problems can cause anxiety by a person feeling they are short of breath. I recommend you see a board certified pulmonologist for recommendations for other therapies for your asthma which are associated with fewer side-effects.
Side effect. Your symptoms may be related to your asthma medications. Ask your doctor if you can consider other alternatives and see if your symptoms resolve.