How long does it take to treat a finger dislocation?

Depends. Treating a dislocation can be immediate if the joint returns back to its normal position. If it does not go back in place, a doctor can manipulate it to get it into proper position. Sometimes, the joint will be really stuck and you will need surgery. Healing a dislocation can take time. Residual swelling is common. Doing proper finger exercises will help prevent permanent stiffness.
Hard to say. Treatment may be relatively simple but recovery may be prolonged for several months or years and may even require surgery if associated with a fracture or joint injury. If unstable surgery may also eventually be recovered. Swelling may persist for years after even a simple dislocation.

Related Questions

How long should it take to heal a finger dislocation and a finger jam from basketball?

3-6 months. Jammed fingers can result in simple sprains to complex fracture-dislocations. The most innocuous appearing finger could be badly fractured. Uncomplicated dislocations (stable after reduction) are treated by buddy strapping and early motion. Return to sport in 2-4 wks. Tendon rupture requires splinting for 6-8 weeks. Swelling can last 6-10 months! A permanent deformity may result. Therapy is key.

What is done for a finger dislocation injury?

Reduction. The first treatment is to reduce the joint or put it back in place. You need an xray to make sure there are no fractures. If there is no fracture most are treated with occupational therapy to restore the range on motion.
Go to ER. The dislocation should be reduced within a few hours in the ER or most likely the patient will require surgery to out it back in place.

What is the best way to tape a ring finger dislocation?

Needs reduction. A dislocation needs to be reduced and the bones put back into place before taping - normally after reduction we will tape 2-3 fingers together as "buddy taping" which forms an effective splint.
Buddy tape. I would buddy tape middle finger to ring finger a few daya after the finger is reduced back in place to allow early motion and at the same time stabilize finger amd prevent another dislocation.

Finger dislocation and continuing sports. Should I always buddy tape the weaker finger?

6-12 weeks. I recommend continued buddy strapping during at-risk sports for 6-12 weeks after injury. Better safe than sorry. Remember to get those hands up in anticipation of the ball!

Can a 2 week old finger dislocation show up on x-rays?

Yes. X-rays will certainly demonstrate a finger dislocation, acute or chronic, very clearly.
If still dislocated? If still dislocated, yes. If it was promptly reduced and there was no fracture, there may be little or no findings on x-ray.

Is it necessary to see a doctor for a finger dislocation? How is a dislocation defined? It has to be far out of position?

Not necessarily.. ..But is recommended. A dislocation is when the normal alignment and position of the bones in a joint, relative to each other, have been moved. This can, and usually does, damage the ligaments that normally hold the bones together. While one might be able to reduce the dislocation themselves or sometimes this may occur spontaneously, the damage to soft tissue may require further treatment.
Yes. See a doctor. What might appear to be a simple dislocation might be a complex injury, such as a fracture dislocation. See a doctor for x-ray and examination. A dislocation means the joint is completely out. A patial dislocation is referred to as subluxation.