I fractured my elbow. I have a cast, but now my hand is swelling. Is my hand fractured too?

Probably not. If there was no injury to the hand and it is not painful then it is probably not fractured. Swelling in the hand after an elbow injury especially in a cast is common. The swelling must be controlled with ice, elevation and most importantly keeping the fingers moving. If it becomes severe it can lead to permanent stiffness of the fingers. A good therapist can help controll the swelling.
Finger elbow swellin. This may be due to immobility and swelling. Arm elevation above your heart can definitely improve this. Gentle finger range of motion exercises, if permitted by your surgeon, can also be beneficial. I would discuss this with your surgeon to make sure it is not an indication of something worse such as infection.

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I fractured my elbow and now hand is swelling as well. Is this normal?

Depends . Sometimes swelling in am elbow injury can track down the arm and cause swelling in the hand. An incorrectly applied splint or cast for an elbow fracture can also cause hand swelling. Finally, the same injury in which you hurt your elbow, you may have hurt your hand as well. Make sure your doctor is aware. Read more...