Can you remove a ganglion cyst on the top side of your hand without surgery?

Yes. Ganglion cysts on the top side (non-palm side) of the hand can be removed through an aspiration procedure. This is a simple office procedure where a needle is introduced into the ganglion cyst and its contents are aspirated. However, the risk of recurrence following an aspiration procedure is very high--as high as 75-80%. Consider the risks of recurrence when deciding on treatment options.
Unsure. Not that I know of. Some cysteine have been known to resolve spontaneously. But surgery is the definitive answer. Aspiration has a high risk of recurrence.
It can be aspirated. Assuming that the mass is actually a ganglion cyst, it can often be successfully aspirated or "sucked out" with a needle. Unfortunately, the cyst often recurs after aspiration. The only way to truly remove the cyst is with surgery.