What should I know before getting a tummy tuck?

Alot. Choose your plastic surgeon carefully, learn about the procedure and its indications, learn about the potential risk/complications associated with the procedure, and make sure you have a significant amount of time/help available to recover after the procedure is performed. Don't underestimate the extent of, and the time needed for recovery after the procedure.
Do ur homework:Video. Tummy tucks (witch hazel) address the skin, fat and muscle of the abdomen. They do not treat the organs, or skeletal structures. It is not a method of weight loss nor is it a substitute for exercise. Tummy tucks (witch hazel) may range from simple to extended. I have prepared a video showing the differences. You should first be in excellent health, at your ideal weight, with cessation of tobacco use for at least 1 mos prior.
Operation & Surgeon. If you are to have a tummy tuck you need to know the operation (pros, cons, applicability to you) as well as your surgeon (qualifications, experience, etc.) if you choose correctly, your surgeon should be able to guide you or at least tell you that the operation offers you too little benefit to have it.
It's a big deal. This is a serious operation - so you need to do your homework. Speak with several surgeons. While the tt can give you a dramatic improvement of your shape, there's the trade-off of the scar, and the recovery time. Make sure your surgeon is board-certified in plastic surgery, and does a lot of tummy tucks (witch hazel). Have your surgery in an accredited facility. Follow the post-op directions carefully.
Tummy tuck pointers. A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is done for stretch marks, loose skin, localized fat resistant to change with exercise, and/or separated muscles after pregnancy. You want to make sure your plastic surgeon uses an accredited surgical facility, you will need to be at a healthy weight (bmi 30 or less), and plan to avoid heavy lifting for about 6 weeks.