What is the cure for myopic and stigmatism of eye problem without any lasik surgery?

Myopia treatment . Myopia and astigmatism result from an eyeball that's misshapen. The only cure is to reshape it with lasik or lasek. It's not like exercises or vitamins will ever work because it's not due to weakness or a nutritional deficiency.
Myopic astigmatism. Your options include glasses, contact lenses, surface laser eye surgery, phakic intaocular lens implant, intracorneal ring segments, or orthokeratology. The magnitude of your prescription would determine which options can be considered.

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Post lasik, left eye +0.5 and -0.5 astig, right eye plano and -0.25 astig. Is this a poor outcome? Was myopic before surgery. Right eye poor distance

Not a bad outcome. All depends on how you are seeing and if you are happy with the quality of the vision. With this refraction you could be 20/20. Read more...
Great LASIK outcome. Rather than looking at your postoperative refraction, the question to ask is if you can see. The prescription of +0.50-0.50 is an insignificant and many with that will have 20/15 vision or better. Stop worrying and enjoy your great vision! Read more...