I have a swollen thumb with yellow-like puss near the nail, what should I do?

Drain immediately. It needs to be drained. This is what is called a paronychia. If not drained it can turn into a much bigger problem affecting the pulp of the finger called a felon. And untreated felon can affect flexor tendons and cause serious problems. Seek out a doctor to drain it and give appropriate anatibiotics.

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My 2 year old son thumb nail looks infected, it has yellow puss that has been coming out cause it all crusted up around base part, and swollen?

Time for visit. It does sound infected and you can sometimes help it by using peroxide to clean the area along with warm soaks. If it has been there for a while and you have done this already, an office visit for additional evaluation and treatment would be worthwhile.Some of these need to be drained in the office. Read more...