Is an otoplasty considered plastic surgery?

Yes. Otoplasty, or reshaping of the ears, is considered plastic surgery. Although I have heard of instances where insurance carriers cover the cost of this procedure, this is the exception and not the rule. Talk with a facial plastic surgeon to discuss your concern and then contact your insurance carrier and verify your coverage.
Otoplasty. Yes, years ago this was an insurance procedure but now they consider it cosmetic. It makes me mad the do not cover such a great procedure.
Usually. Most often an otoplasty is considered plastic surgery and is elective in nature. It is usually done for prominent ears but can also be performed in cases of trauma or other deformity.
Cosmetic surgery . Otoplasty is considered cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery is actually a specialty of general surgery. Plastic surgeons as well as other specialties (ent &oral max surgeons) perform facial cosmetic surgeries which include otoplasty. These specialties also perform reconstructive surgeries of the face. Plastic surgeons also perform reconstructive surgery of the entire body.