Is it normal for nipples to get smaller in length after pubertal gynecomastia subsides?

Yes but Varies. Yes, as the breasts in general decreases in size, the nipple/areola complexes may also appear smaller in size. Sometimes, men do present with a desire to further decrease nipple and/or areola size, even if gynecomastia is not a concern for them.
Yes. As you loose the excess tissue, the nipples and areolas will decrease in size.

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I have a hard, round lump behind each nipple. I'm a 19 y/o male. Is this pubertal gynecomastia? If so, what are my options for this issue?

Late teen gyneco. Gynecomastia with breast bud needs examination by your FM, Plastic Surgeon, Endocrine doctors. Than the options of a wait and see or surgical excision with pathology diagnosis will be presented to you.. Read more...