Does elder need to take colace (docusate sodium) daily if in nursing home? Ordered prn.

Depends on stooling. A lot of nursing home patients have a difficult time with stooling. Some medications, especially opiate pain medications, are constipating. For those individuals colace (docusate sodium) is a necessary thing. Not all though, and if stooling is going well, there's no reason to add another medication. Much also depends on the ability to generate enough force to get the stool out.

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I have major pain of hemroids. Can I take colace (docusate sodium) pills on a daily basis? Would that get my stool to me soft

Hemorrhoid pain. hemorrhoid pain can sometimes be relieved by using stool softeners. It is okay to use Colace (docusate sodium) on a daily basis for a short period of time to see if it will help. I would also increase the amount of fiber in your diet and your fluid intake for now. You might even consider a daily dose of Metamucil with extra fluid for now. If this doesn't help, see your doctor. Good luck. Read more...

Medication: I take 2 Colace (generic Docusate sodium) daily per doctor for chronic constipation. Can this discolor urine because of red dye?

Pharmacist. I know of countless patients who took this stool softener and never encountered reports of this side effect. Your pharmacist can be of great help in answering any questions about your medications as he/she has access to much information about them. Read more...