Related Questions

Could someone get a stress fracture from standing up too much?

Definitely. If the prolonged standing is on a hard surface and you''re not wearing supportive shoes, then it is possible. It's more likely if the prolonged standing is out of the ordinary for that person.
Unlikely. Stress fracture is a result of repetitive micro-trauma, e.g. running. Standing does not generally cause this type of stress on the bones. If you have a fracture from standing or other routine activities, it may be due to low bone density. Please talk to your doctor about your concerns.

Can a 9 month old get a stress fracture from excessive use from a jumparoo over couple of months? Jumping on a hard floor

It is possible. But unusual, how do you know if it is stress fracture. Did you get x-rays or not. You should contact the pediatrician to make sure there are no other reason such as brittle bone or other causes of fracture before attributing it to jumparoo. Difficult to be certain one way or other unless more datails are available. Good luck.
It is not impossible. Also could be fracture from falling or injuring his leg during jumping on the hard floor. (i have not seen stress fracture at that age).

Should I get a stress fracture air cam boot? When is it necessary?

Air CAM Boot. If you have a stress fracture of the ankle or foot the aircast boots work well. They help to unload the weight of the ankle and decrease pain. It also allows patients to walk without crutches..

How does one get over a stress fracture?

Rest. You will need to allow the fracture to heal which may take 4-8 weeks to heal you cannot really make the fracture heal faster than nature will allow once the fracture is fully healed you will gradually return to you normal activity.

What's the fastest way to get rid of a stress fracture in your foot?

Let it heal. You don't really "get rid of a stress fracture, " you progress along the normal stages of bone healing. There of no "fastest way, " it just takes time.