What are the signs and symptoms of a broken or fractured hand?

S&S fracture. Pain, swelling, instability, crepitus, rotation, shortening, scissoring of fingers, deformity, etc just to name a few. However, diagnostic imaging is essential.
Pain. Pain is the most common complaint following a fracture injury. Other signs to look for include, swelling, ecchymosis (bruising), and deformity. Ultimately, x-rays are needed to confirm the diagnosis.

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Do symptoms of a fractured hand involve swelling?

Yes. Hand fractures are associated with pain, bruising, swelling and if displaced may exhibit rotation or other finger deformities.

What are signs of a hand fracture?

Pain and swelling. These are the two most common symptoms and they can persist for days. If in doubt, an xray can confirma fracture or help you make treatment decisions.
Pain. There are several signs. The most obvious one is a deformity. Without a deformity, then in the setting of recent trauma you would be looking for moderate to severe pain and swelling. There is usually a limited range of motion of the affected area. Sometimes you can feel a clicking or stepoff at the area of the fracture. Some fractures can cause a rotational deformity of the finger.
Multiple signs. - Swelling - Deformity of the wrist/ hand - Significant pain - Inability to move your wrist - Unable to move your fingers - Tingling in the fingers and hand when moving wrist - Change in color of the hand.

What are the signs of a wrist/hand fracture?

Variable. Deformity, swelling, bone showing through skin, and difficulty moving wrist from pain.
Multiple signs. - Swelling - Deformity of the wrist/ hand - Significant pain - Inability to move your wrist - Unable to move your fingers - Tingling in the fingers and hand when moving wrist - Change in color of the hand.

How can you heal a fractured hand?

Depends. There are different bones in the hand. The proper treatment depends on the location of the fracture, which bone is fractured, the displacement or angulation or rotation of the fractured bone. Treatment options include buddy taping, splinting, casting, surgery.
Splints, occ surgery. The location and character of the fracture makes a big difference on how hand fractures are treated. Treatment ranges from protected rom, to splints or casts, or even surgery.

Will a fractured hand ever be the same again?

Yes. A fractured hand that is set properly and monitored closely should heal well after 6 weeks. More severe fractures may cause some limitations in strength and motion, depending on how they are treated and where exactly the fracture is located.

How long will it take for a fractured hand to heal?

Six weeks on average. It depends on what bone in the hand is broken. A scaphoid fracture (the most commonly fractured bone in the carpus (wrist)) generally takes 10-12 weeks to heal, but a garden variety fracture of a metacarpal (the big bones in the palm of the hand) or of a phalanx (the little bones in the fingers) should heal in about six weeks. The healing could be slower in a smoker or a diabetic.
Depends. There are several different kinds of bones in the hand/wrist and depending on which bone it is it could take a few weeks to several months in some cases.

What should I do if my fractured hand healed wrong?

Depends. It sounds as if you had a hand fracture which did not heal in a perfect position. If it's simply a cosmetic issue, and your hand is completely functional, then really nothing needs to be done unless you are concerned about the appearance. However, if your function is affected, then you may have to consider surgery in which an osteotomy (cutting the bone) is done to re-align it - no guarantees tho.

How long does it take for a fractured hand to heal so that I can lift weights again?

6 weeks. Hand fractures generally take six weeks to heal. I would avoid weight lifting until at least six weeks after your injury. Make sure you see an orthopaedic surgeon for a physical exam and x-rays to make sure your bone is healed before you return to weight lifting.
When the bone heals. Once there is radiographic evidence of bone healing your doc will tell you when it is safe to begin to increase your activities including lifting weights. Usually it will be with light weights until your strenth increases.