Is there a cure for volkmann's contracture in a child?

Therapy and surgery. While there is no "cure" for volkmann's contracture once it has occurred, it can be improved. Depending on the degree of contracture, it can be treated with therapy to stretch out the muscles. More severe cases may require surgery to lengthen the muscles or reposition tendons so that they function better.
Volkmann's ischemic . Contracture from vascular injury to the muscles in the forearm. Typically related to a fracture or crush elbow or 4arm. There is no cure after it happens but surgical treatment can relieve some of the resultant problems associated with it. Tendon lengthening, nerve decompression, resection of fibrotic tissue. Much depends upon the severity of the contracture and the depth of injury.
Volkmann's. Once established, the fibrotic muscle may need to be resected or released and on occasion, tendon transfers may be indicated.