What causes lymphedema and is it reversible?

Sometimes. Lymphedema is cause by poor circulation of lymph which is the protein filled fluid that circulates and bathes cells. Usually it is caused from injury by cancer, surgery, or infection. It can be caused by obesity or pregnancy with the weight of the belly impairing circulation. In these last two cases if or when the weight is removed, the lymphedema may resolve.
Lymphedema causes. As dr. Wright said, there are many risk factors for lymphedema. Surgery and radiation are probably the two most likely identifiable causes for lymphedema. It can be congenital and a child is born with it. Much more commonly, it will develop during puberty, or else after age 35. Women get lymphedema more commonly than men. Worldwide, the most common cause is a parasitic infection.
Maybe. Most lymphedema can be improved with physical therapy/compression. There is a new technique of lymph node transfer that can dramatically improve certain cases. It is microsurgical transfer of nodes to a draining basin to improve symptoms and hopefully grow more channels. Call 321-841-7090 as the institute of microsurgery at orlando health now offers this!