Can you tell me the symptoms of repetitive strain injury and carpal tunnel syndrome?

Over and over again. Repetative strain injury is caused by frequently repeated movements with the body in an abnormal position, the most common problem areas being the back, shoulders, wrists, and hands. These may involve heavy activity like sports or rapid activities like typing or video games. It may involve muscles tendons joints or nerve compressions (like carpal tunnel) se an occupational medicine clinic.
Pain and numbness. Carpal tunnel syndrome is often part of a broader problem that involves overuse and/or misuse of the entire arm from the fingertips to the neck. People tend to focus often on computer and keyboard use but it is more of a comprehensive problem that can involve hobbies, sports, cleaning, cooking, shopping, driving etc.. Cts symptoms are nerve related while repetitive strain tendons, ligaments as well.
Carpal Tunnel. Carpal tunnel is typically manifested by numbness and/or tingling in the thumb, index, long, and half of the ring finger. Although aching may be reported, numbness and pins/needles are more common. It can be reproduced by holding your wrist in the bent forward position for well over a minute or may be considered if you can elicit tingling with forcible tapping over the underside of the wrist.