I had carpal tunnel release surgery yesterday and I felt everything during my operation. Is this normal?

Not usually. There are several different kinks of anesthesia's for this operation. Did you have just a local anesesthetic, bier block or general anesthesia? I am not sure how your doctor could have done the surgery if you felt everything. Possibly the block did not have time to fully set up. Does the dentist have a hard time numbing you up for drilling teeth?
No. If your wrist and palm were numbed up with a shot before the surgeon started operating, it's normal to feel lots of pressure while he's working. Feeling sharp pain after being numbed up is not normal.
No. I do a majority of my carpal tunnel releases under local anesthesia. Patients may feel some pressure, but rarely any pain. Regional and general anesthesia, should provide even more pain relief. Hopefully, the surgery was not too painful. You should notice a difference in night time symptoms soon and increased sensation in the finger tips.

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Is it normal to have a scar from carpal tunnel release surgery?

Yes. Yes, but the size and location of the scar will differ depending upon the type of surgical release the surgeon uses. Scars can be irritating in some, while in others they fade quicker. If you are having a scar issue speak with your treating physician. Read more...