How can somebody fracture my scaphoid?

Many ways. There are many ways to fracture the scaphoid, but the most common mechanism is a fall onto the outstretched hand.
Trauma. Scaphoid fractures take a significant trauma to develop - a hard fall, motor vehicle accident, skiing injury.
It's Difficult. You can fracture your scaphoid by falling on an outstretched hand. Somebody can fracture your scaphoid by causing very forceful dorsiflexion of your wrist. Dorsiflexion is bending your wrist so the the top of your hand move towards your elbow. Possibly protecting yourself from a blow could cause this. I don't believe somebody could do it to you by twisting your wrist.
Wrist fracture. Wrist fractures are most commonly sustained when falling onto an outstretched hand to break the fall.

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What to do if I have fractured scaphoid + operation?

It depends. This depends on the type of scaphoid fracture you have. Some scaphoid fractures can be treated non-operatively in a thumb spica cast while others often benefit from a surgery. Malunited or non united scaphoids can result in increased arthritic changes and symptoms involving the wrist.

Is it possible to play rugby w/ a fractured scaphoid custom playing brace?

Yes. The scaphoid is sort of like the transmission of the wrist. Fractures of the scaphoid often heal slowly or not at all and require surgery. Playing competitive contact sports will likely increase the likelihood of the fracture not healing correctly and the long term consequences of not healing or healing in the wrong position can be severe. This is especially true in younger patients.
It depends. Scaphoid fractures are not all alike....Some scaphoid fracture patterns are more unstable than others and require more rigid immobilization that a splint can provide.

I had a fractured scaphoid about 9 months ago but after it healed I am still getting quite a bit of pain in my wrist and thumb?

Takes long time. Sorry but it takes a long time to heal even small bones at your age. You can see the orthopedist you saw before and get a repeat x-ray. They may have to break it and put in piano wire to hold it in exactly the right position. I hope your not a musician. To find the best ortho call up the symphony orchestra and find out who the players go to when they have a problem. Good luck!

I had a fractured scaphoid 3 maybe 4 months ago, I still get pail in the base of my thumb & radial side of my wrist. Could there be any complications?

Scaphoid Bone. The scaphoid bone:one of the most frequently fractured bones in the human body. Nonunion is a condition where a fracture fails to heal because of biological or mechanical factors. And, nonunion can be painful. Fractures heal with motion at the fracture site but not well. That is why doctors place casts, and in some cases, need to do surgery with pins or plates and screws. See orthopaedic surgeon.
Possible. The bone could have failed to heal properly. You should consult with ortho surgeon or hand surgeon for expert advice.

Fractured scaphoid circulation cut, what to do?

Grafting. The circulation to the scaphoid is precarious going distal to proximal, so proximal scaphoid fracture at risk for non union due to limited circulation. Care consists of either vascularized bone graft from distal dorsal radius, bone grafting with compression fixation, or attempt at bone stimulation with fixation. Seek care with hand surgeon.

What to do if I fractured scaphoid circulation cut?

Scaphoid fractures. Are serious fractures as leaving them untreated can lead to significant wrist degeneration, pain and loss of function. IF you have a scaphoid fracture with loss of circulation to the bone (common in scaphoid fractures as the blood flow enters the bone from the distal end and if you break it the proximal end gets no blood flow)., you need surgery to stabilize it vascular bone graft for bloodflow.

What to do if I have fractured scaphoid circulation cut?

Avascular necrosis. Of the scaphoid occurs when the un healed fracture line separates one portion of the bone from the internal circulation of that bone resulting in bone decay. Typically surgery is needed. See a hand surgeon.

What is the typical healing time for a fractured scaphoid?

Scaphoid fracture. This depends on the level of the fracture through the scaphoid and if you have surgery or not. Nonoperative distal waist-3 months, mid waist-4 months, proximal waist-5 months. Surgical treatment usually has a healing time of 3 months. These are severe injuries which should be managed by your orthopaedic hand surgeon.