I have tingling that jumps around from arms to legs - mostly when sitting. Could this be ms?

No. You likely experience pressure upon peripheral nerves causing your tingling. This is NOT a picture of MS.
Maybe. Often ms will cause a visual disturbance in one eye. Patients also often describe unusual sensations, e.g. Hemibody sensory loss or tingling. Foot dragging or slapping is common as is imbalance, incoordination. See: http://goo.Gl/crcvy.

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I have hastimatos thyroiditis. I've been having symptoms like weak arms, legs, tingling feet-esp. After a shower, dizzy. Worried about MS thanks to g?

Perhaps a thyroid . Issues could be due to hashimoto's or even the treatment for the thyroid. But maybe the warm water from the shower is uncovering some underlying demyelinated nerves and exacerbating underlying problems. Hard to say you do or do not have ms based on above, so see your doctor and decide if worthwhile to have a neurologist get involved. Read more...

Nerves in left arm leg shoulder neck left side only numb and tingling no pain though MRI was clear decline in eyesight could this be MS or what else?

Neurologist . The symptoms you describe are noteworthy. A negative MRI does not mean you do not have MS. It may be too early to be seen with MRI . Also special MRI sequences are needed to look at the optic nerves. I would seek out a neurologist to help diagnose these symptoms. Best wishes. Read more...

Tingling and pain in right leg arm hand and feet for sometime everyday also im vit d deficient also pain in chest are these symptoms related to ms?

Neuralgia/neuropathy. I have insufficient information. Have you ever been involved in a car accident in the past, months, years? You should be examined by a pain specialist and a neurologist. The Dr will request specific tests, an MRI of the head, and nerve conduction tests. Dont let it go, see the advise of the competent specialist, Google the physician. . , Read more...