Why do people with sickle cell anemia suffer from leg ulcers?

Blood flow and oxyge. Sickle cells both slow blood flow and decrease oxygen carrying capacity of blood leading to ulcers. Try nitro paste near not on ulcer.
Compression tx. Add compression therapy to the regimen to decrease the swelling and increase the wound healing.

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Why do people with sickle cell anemia suffer from some leg ulcers?

Poor circulation. That is due to poor perfusion and circulation to the legs-due to vaso-occlusive complication from the sickle cell disease. The risk is higher in those who have lower hematocrit level and in those with more hemolysis. Hydroxyurea which is a drug used in sickle cell anemia also can cause leg ulcer.
Complicated. Probably the best explanation is that they develop a shunting of blood from the veins to the arteries this bypasses some areas and causes them to be deprived of nutrients this causes the tissue to die producing an ulcer.

I have sickle cell anemia and I also have a foot/ankle ulcer. What can I do to treat it?

See Podiatrist. Or wound care specialist to get it properly evaluated and treated. Keep wound clean and protected.

Can having sickle cell cause you to have more leg ulcers?

Yes. Sickle cell anemia patients can develop ankle ulcers that look like venous stasis ulcers.
Yes. Sickle cell anamia, a single Amino Acid disorder involving hemoglobin due to this the RBC (red blood cells) becomes rigid and will not able to pass through small blood vessels (microcirculation) causing skin break down and ulcers.

If you suffer from a chronic pain disorder such as sickle cell anemia what natural pain relief is there?

Prevent ss crisis. Hydration, a lot of fluids, oxygenation, Folic Acid supplements, treat infection new studies suggest sickle cell patient cannot vasodilate due to low nitric oxide--resveratrol, present in grapes, red wine increase nitric oxide! ---but I am skeptical.
Little. In your case very little. Avoiding triggers that cause sickeling.

What to do if I have to do a report on sickle cell anemia and I was wondering do people with sickle cell anemia usually get splenectomies?

No. The disease usually results in the self destruction of the spleen as a functional organ by the age 3. At that point it would have no impact on the disorder and cease to be of any importance.

Do people with sickle cell anemia have higher chance of having a cerebrovascular accident (stroke)?

Yes. Sickle cells can clog blood vessels causing small strokes (embolic); they can also damage blood vessel walls making them more susceptible to tearing and bleeding and leading to strokes (hemorrhagic). Keeping blood pressure and diabetes under control and keeping the percentage of sickle cells low can be helpful.
Yes. A combination of sickled cells blocking small blood vessels as well as causing damage to small blood vessels as they pass through these vessels in the brain is thought to explain the increased risk of cva in patients with scd. Damage to the interior of the blood vessels is thought to activate inflammation and the formation of clots in the area of damage.

Can people with sickle cell anemia donate blood?

No. A diagnosis of sickle cell disease precludes donation of blood. This is not only because of the presence of the disease itself, but also because patients with sickle cell disease fail to meet the hemoglobin criteria for donors set by the red cross, which is 12.5g/dl.