What are early symptoms of kidney failure?

RENAL FAILURE. There are very few symptoms until the kidney reserve function has been depleted. Tiredness, sometimes excessive voiding, sometimes much less to not voiding at all, thirst, confusion comes in the end.
Few symptoms . Both high blood pressure and kidney failure are dangerous because they are not easily detectable. Kidney failure usually will not be evident until the more advanced stages at which point patient may experience poor appetite nausea and weight loss. Swelling of the legs and blood in urine can also be seen in some forms.

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What are some of the early symptoms of kidney failure?

Vague & not specific. These include fatigue, low energy, poor concentration, mental sluggishness, and poor appetite specially for meat. Usually edema is present, but not necessarily. These vague symptoms should not be used for diagnosis due to being vague and could occur with other illnesses, hence the importance of lab. For instance the top 4 symptoms above can occur to healthy persons after a long work day. Read more...