What is rudi and pai in regards to av fistulas?

Steal Syndrome Tx. These are both surgical treatments for a condition called, "steal syndrome": when blood preferentially goes back to the heart through the fistula rather than down the arm to the hand. It is more common in people who have blockages in the arteries of the arm/hand. Rudi (revision using distal inflow). Pai (proximalization of the arterial inflow). Both provide more pressure to forearm / hand.
Revision Surgery. These are two (of several) procedures designed to salvage av fistulas that are causing "steal". A condition where the avf is "stealing" too much blood from the hand causing pain or tissue loss. Another one is the dril and all can be complex.
Revisions. If your fistula has too great flow then blood may not get to your hand. This is called steal syndrome. These procedures can help decrease the flow in the fistula so flow returns to the hand.