What is it like to have primary lymphedema in the legs/feet during pregnancy?

Compression a must. As dr. Morrison said, compression is essential, as is lymphatic massage and regular exercise.
One would have. Swelling of the lower extremities. This could cause a heaviness type of feeling! Can cause legs to feel tired and achy.
Cause of swelling. Swelling can be temporary during pregnancy due to fluid overload. "dynamic insufficiency in which the lymph flow exceeds the transport capacity of the lymph glands". You should see a phlebologist- a vein doctor. You can be fitted for medical compression stockings, walk at least 30 minutes a day, elevate your legs whenever you can, and visit www. Phlebology. Org and www. Morrisonvein. Org.

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Hi I have primary lymphedema I have been bitten by something at the moment they are small red dots on leg should I be concerned?

Yes may need. Antibiotics, in primary lymphedema, lymphatic are not fully developed in some completely absent, easy to get infections, see your doctor.