What is general anesthesia like for having a wisdom tooth extraction?

Like taking a nap. If done well, experiencing a general anesthetic is much like taking a nap. Though an IV is necessary, if the skin is numbed first, the rest is easy. A combination of drugs are used w/iv gen. Anesth. For relaxation, pain relief, then sleep. The shorter acting the medications used, the faster can be the recovery. An oral surgeon skilled at gen. Anesthesia can make this a safe & pleasant experience.
Very safe and easy . General anesthesia and deep IV sedation are excellent, safe and comfortable options for the extraction of wisdom teeth. Be sure to check the credentials of those involved.
Worst is the IV. In the removal of wisdom teeth the worst part for me was the starting of the iv. In most cases you will receive some form of IV sedation as well as the local anesthetic. Having had my wisdom teeth removed i can tell you i received valium and some narcotic. Though not under general anesthesia I have no recall of the procedure.
General. General anesthesia entails a combination of medications such as Midazolam for amnesia/sedation, a sleep medication or 'induction' agent (i.e. Propfol) to induce sleep, and a muscle relaxant, in order to secure a tube in the airway to protect the lungs against aspiration. The general anesthetic is maintained during surgery with anesthesia gas such as isoflurane, sevoflurane or desflurane.