Can any one tell me the homeopathic treatment for heel pain?

Not just one. There are 220+ homeopathic remedies known for heel pain. Differentiating between these to find the right one for you requires careful study. We need to know what your pain is like, your experience of it, how it started, what makes it worse and better, etc. How it affects & fits into your whole life. To investigate this, you need a skilled homeopath. A computer program or a shot is not enough.
Not really. Homeopathy requires a rather extensive history with many specifics. There are homeopathy resources on line that will allow you to give all the symptoms associated with the heel pain so that the right remedy could be determined more accurately. These computer based systems can be very helpful and some classical homeopathic doctors use them to help guide their decisions regarding remedies.
Arnica. Arnica by itself or in proprietary preparations like traumeel. It is most effective in the injectable form.