Is waking up with a stiff leg or hand and having cold hands and feet a sign of poor circulation?

No. Aaas can be repaired using open surgical techniques or endovascular techniques. There are anatomical limitations to which aneurysms can be repaired using endovascular techniques. All aaas can be repaired using open techniques. The more complex the anatomy the bigger the surgery required.
Yes. Having cold extremities can be a sign of poor circulation. Waking up with stiff extremities can also be a sign of poor circulation. You should visit with your primary care physician about your symptoms to determine if you need further evaluation.

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Cold hands and feet, is this caused by bad circulation?

Not necessarily. It could be but not necessarily. Other possible causes include it just being cold. Some people can have cold hands and feet normally in surprisingly warm temperatures.

Feeling weak, legs cannot stand long shaky feeling. Cold hands and feet, it feels shaky. Get dizzy, lightheaded. What is this?

Need an examination. It could be any number of things and the list is huge but some of the more common things that could cause this picture if it were to be occurring suddenly might be low blood pressure, low blood sugar, infection, or anxiety. If this just recently came on and is not getting better despite conservative efforts you should see a doctor.

I have really cold hands and feet, is this a circulation problem? Anything I can do without a dr. Visit?

Yes and No. Usually cold hands and feet are more typical of raynaud's syndrome; the blood vessels contract when in a cold environment, making them colder. Best to wear gloves (even indoors, if needed). Socks & house shoes for the feet. Peripheral vascular disease can also cause cold feet (although not usually cold hands) and would be associated with pain in the calves with walking/exercise.

Child has 6 or 7 small bruises on legs and cold hands and feet. Should I be concerned about anemia? He is otherwise fine (no fever, no nosebleeds, etc).

Bruises/cold hands/f. These are not usual signs of anemia but if you have concerns; have him examined. All the best.
Reassurance. Toddlers and kids younger than 10-12 years old usually have small bruises on leg without any blood abnormality. Cold hand and feet have nothing to do with anemia. All symptoms consider ford usual/ normal condition for kids.
Expected patterns. Bruising along the front surface of the lower legs (knee to ankle) and outer surface of the forearms is pretty common in active kids. These are in areas over bones that often come in contact with furniture/obstacles in active kids. It has nothing to do with anemia. Cold hands and or feet doesn't either. If he acts fine/eats fine/ I would expect that he is fine...let him be.

Extremely cold hands and feet. Do I have a circulation problem?

Possible. Raynauds…this is a circulatory problem of the small blood vessels..

Non displaced weber b fx partial aftl+delt tear 15wks on delayed union could bad circulation cause delayed or non union and why? Always cold hands

Maybe. Bad circulation could certainly contribute to delayed bone healing, but circulation can be easily checked by assessing pulses and/or studies (such as doppler). An external bone stimulator may be an option for your delayed union.
Other possibilities. Yes, bad circulation can be a factor. The primary causes of a non-union can be broken down into three categories: 1) too much movement at fracture site 2) poor circulation in foot (due to smoking, diabetes, or other conditions) 3) infection circulatory problems cause fewer nutrients to arrive at the fracture site in the lower extremity resulting in fewer building blocks available for healing.

Do cold hands mean bad circulation or other?

Raynaud's. Is a possible diagnosis. This is vasospasm of the small vessles in the hands and or feet. (vasospasm is opening and closing, so that the blood doesn't flow continuously.) signs include color changes and coldness of the extermities. Those color changes are red, white and blue variations.