Is there a way to find out whether the clogged arteries are from cholesterol or blood clot?

Yes. An ultrasound can usually help. The patients history also helps. Clogged arteries are most commonly caused by atherosclerotic plaque. It is caused by smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, increasing age and personal history of a heart attack or stroke. The plaque builds up and narrows or blocks the arteries. A blood clot may affect the arteries but mostly the veins.
Need more info. What arteries? How were they diagnosed? What are symptoms? Most clogged arteries start with cholestorol buildup till you get plaque rupture then clot forms. Embolic clots are more rare.
Anatomy & physiology. Arterial and venous disease are very different phenomena. Although there are always exceptions to the rule... Anatomically and physiologically speaking, cholesterol is typically a risk factor for arterial disease, while blood clotting is most often related to venous disease.

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Out of curiousity what wud having a clogged artery or a blood clot in a part of your body feel like?

Swelling or pain. Depends if it happens fast prover time. Is fast or acute there would be immediate severe pain and swelling with cold or hot feeling depending if it is an artery or vein blocked.