What can I do for hammer toes, and a corn on second toe?

Treatment 0ptions. Treatment options for the management of hammertoes include conservative and surgical management. Conservative management options include use of orthotic devices, change in shoe wear, medications such as oral no-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (nsaids), steroid injections, padding of corns and calluses, and splinting and strapping.
Pad the corn. First of all, the pain from a corn can be managed with corn pads. I always recommend non-medicated pads because the acid can cause problems. If the corn itself is painful, a podiatrist can pare it down and relieve the pain. There are also splints to straighten hammertoes. There is also surgery to correct hammertoes. Visit your podiatrist to see what is the best treatment for you.
Surgery. If you catch hammertoes early, a small, in-office procedure to release a tendon may allow the toe to lie straight. If the deformity is rigid, surgery is more involved. It's an outpatient procedure in an operating room, and can involve bone cuts, pins, screws, or other implants. Once the deformity is fixed, the corn should resolve.Without surgery, your best bet is padding to reduce your discomfort.
Depends.... Treatments for hammer toes can range from conservative to operative. If an operation is needed the correct operation is based on the character of the deformity. You may want to see an orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeon: www.Orthodoc.Aaos.Org/footankle.