Is there a cure for lymphedema?

Unfortunately, no... ...However, many people with lymphedema will benefit greatly by the use of physical therapy. I recommend you seek out a referral to a physical therapist trained in lymphatic drainage.
Sorry no cure. Please see your doctor to help control pain and symptoms. Some hospitals have lymphedema clinic to help with this difficult problem.
Control without cure. Although not curable, it is controllable, as drs. Rosen and korona said. The mainstay is decongestive therapy. This includes elastic compression stockings, non-elastic circ-aids garments, sequential compression devices, lymphatic drainage/massage, diet and exercise. Going to a lymphedema clinic is helpful if you have one close. A great source of info is www.Lymphnet.Org.
Lymphedema. There are many causes of lymphedema. Acute causes such as infection or recent surgery or trauma will usually result in the lymphedema resolving as the cause improves. Chronic lymphedema such as occurs from radical cancer surgery, radiation or genetic causes may never resolve. This latter type of lymphedema is controlled rather than cured by lymphedema massage, compression pumps and stockings.